A frugal marketer needs a cheap tablet: Meet the Toshiba Excite Go

Lusk Media - Toshiba Excite Go

Toshiba Excite Go AT7-C8 – Should You Consider Getting One? The latest entry into the mid-range tablet market by the Japanese manufacturer is a blend of excitement and performance that exceeds a lot of expectations. With such an economic price tag, you would be forgiven for underestimating the capabilities of this tablet especially as an android tablet under $100!

The Good

  • Performance. Powered by an Intel Bay Trail CPU which is backed by a 1GB Intel Atom RAM, you never have to worry about slow performance or the tablet hanging.
  • Display. The display is extravagant without compromising on quality.
  • Connectivity. Device connectivity is advanced with Bluetooth4.0 and USB3.0.
  • OfficeSuite Pro. It comes with the full paid version of this software.

The Bad

  • At 0.3MP, the camera is below other members of its class.
  • The overall build and design needs a little more attention.


Sporting a 7” screen with a resolution of 124 x 600 on a capacitive touch screen with a display capability of up to 16M colors, the tablet offers a high quality display. The tablet runs Android v4.4 on an impressively powerful 1.3GHz quad core chipset with 4GB of accessible storage space and a few ports and card slots.

Lusk Media - Toshiba Excite Go

It is fitted with a single speaker on the bottom left and a camera on the upper left corner indicating that the tablet is meant to be held in portrait mode. The power button is on the upper right with the other buttons on the other side.


As initially mentioned, the Excite Go runs Android 4.4 OS with a few utility apps so as to decrease the internal space used up. Among the softwares the tablet ships with are; the eBay app, OfficeSuite Pro full (which costs about $15) as well as the usual android apps such as Google maps.

Audio and Video

While the tablet ships with just YouTube and the stock media player app, the CPU lends more than enough processing power to play videos effortlessly. Videos perform excellent however; the sound quality doesn’t match the same enthusiasm. The single speaker sound a little too quiet. On the plus side, the tablet has Bluetooth and a headphone jack so any issues with sound can be easily rectified.


Whatever shortfalls the Excite Go may have, it more than makes up for in performance. It excels so well that in terms of performance alone, it outranks more than a few members above its price tag. The CPU and GPU units really make this tablet worth having.

Additional Specifications

  • OS Android 4.4.2 KitKat.
  • 8GB internal memory expandable to 200GB.
  • Connectivity; Wifi, Bluetooth, MicroUSB.
  • Camera; VGA resolution, front facing.
  • Weight; 354g.
  • Dimensions; 199 x 119.8 x 10.9mm.


As an economic mid range tablet, the Excite Go has more than a few tricks up its sleeve. Sure it does have a few shortfalls but for a mid range device, it compensates for them in other areas. With performance being among the top reasons to buy the tablet, I would have no trouble recommending the Excite Go to anyone.

Lusk Media - Toshiba Excite Go

Advanced Article Spinner Manager – Tutorial 1: How To Manage Spinner Services

Tutorial 1: learn to manage your spinner API keys

This video if the first of a long batch to come.

I decided to make many short videos covering targeted function, instead of a long one where the info you need is buried somewhere in the middle. Most people prefer short, straight to the point videos.

This number one tutorial explains you how and where to find the API key of each and included online spinner solution.

It is extremely easy, but it’s always better to explain everything in details instead of guessing that people know.

There are four of the best online spinner services included, which are:

  • SpinRewriter
  • Spinner chief
  • The best spinner
  • Spin chimp

Tutorial 1: How To Manage Spinner Services

Take a look at AASM

Stay tuned for a second video to come later this week. It will cover the second tab that manages shortened links as well as pictures and videos scraping.

It might take sometimes, because I’m working on an update on this specific tab, as well as some mods on the database display.

Stop Losing 70% off Your Blog Traffic Right Away – Use Covert Copy Traffic

Covert Copy Traffic – Protect your traffic

It is a known fact that we are losing a lot of traffic when people share our content. Almost nobody, especially average surfer, take the time to copy the URL of your page and create a proper backlink. They are most of the time copying your content and paste it on their Web 2.0 websites like Facebook, Google plus, etc.

This plugin is brilliant. As soon as someone is copying your content, the plug-in, on auto,  add a backlink to your post. Most of the big sites are using the same technique, and I’m sure you have already noticed it. Just browse on NBC, National Geographic, the New York Post, and daily mail websites to see it running.

This little an extremely useful plugin was launched back in late 2012. It was a  hit when it came out, but like many products launched on the warrior forum, the buzz did not last.

This is a shame, most of the people on this forum are compulsory buyers. They jump on everything new and promising, turn instant fans, and stop using their new toy almost immediately, as soon as something new shows up.

This type of attitude has a tendency to tarnish great products. This little plugin is a gem. It is extremely simple, and affordable, and accomplishes wonders.

Check the video below to to see the plugin in action.

Check out Covert Copy Traffic

For $17 only, you get access to the developer license. It simply means that you can install it on  as many blog as you want, and you can flip them. This is an offer that you should benefit right now before they increase the price of the plugin to $67.

Covert Copy Traffic is produced by IM Wealth Builders. It is a great group of developers who have already produced tons of bestseller WordPress plug-ins and templates such as:Covert VideoPress, Covert PinPress and so on.

Create Affiliate Sites in Few Clicks – Covert Store Builder Theme

The covert store builder theme is the last creation from IM Wealth Builders developer team. This team of developers is extremely good. Every time they launch a product, it is an instant hit into the Internet marketing community. Many people launched ready make Amazon templates. Even if some of them were okay, none of them…

eBay New Pricing Model – Good Reason To Send Your Traffic Elsewhere

As if recent Google changes weren’t enough, eBay just changed its pricing model.

If you logging to your eBay affiliate admin, the first thing you notice is a massive drop in your account metrics stats. After a few minutes of heavy questioning, just when you are about to start freaking out, you notice on the top right of the page a link to their latest blog post entitled: An Update on Pricing from Brian Marcus.

And geez, that update is bad news. It’s actually not an update, it’s a revolution. Even if dear Marcus claims that there is no changes in our incomes, (!!!) he is the only one to believe that. If you look at all the comments, including mine, every Internet marketer is upset about the new pricing model. Without mentioning the 144 negatives rating out of 176 votes.

To make things clear, ePN reduces the amount of time a BIN cookie can earn for an affiliate by 85%.

With the new changes, it seems that the only viable solution to make money with eBay is to promote auctions during the last 24 hours. Every traffic send older than 24 hours won’t make you any money.

They even go even further, and pretend that “Total partner earnings since launch have not changed“… Talk about a joke. Reducing the cookie time frame by 85% makes 95% publishers lose 70% of their income. And I’m one of them.

They claim to do that to increase quality “While we understand that some publishers are currently making less under the new model, we want to be clear that our long-term intention is to strengthen the program as a whole.

I personally think this is total crap. I don’t see how they can increase their program if 95% of their affiliates are losing 70% of their incomes. The only logical outcome I see is a massive migration to other platforms. If they expect us to swallow that and to continue to send valuable traffic to them and making beer money waiting for a strengthened program, they are living in dreamland.

Coming from such a big company, I have big doubts about that. Maybe they are trying to kill their own affiliate program, to only keep big marketers. Perhaps they do not need so many affiliates to make money, since they are one of the biggest site on the Internet. I don’t understand how they can expect us to continue sending them traffic with our incomes tanking like that.

For me, it’s was a sign for a move. Starting from yesterday, I started to change all my ads from eBay to CG.com’ sponsors. That platform regroups a huge amount of sponsors that offer much higher share to affiliate marketers. I urge you to do the same. I do not expect eBay to change their new policy based on our claims. We are nothing for them, and the best solution is to change. I was making decent incomes doing mostly nothing by driving traffic to eBay. That time is over, let send my traffic elsewhere.

I’ll be logging to eBay from time to time to see if there is any changes. Until then, I send my traffic to CG.com

FB LeadChef – The New Form of Internet Marketing

FB LeadChef

Every Internet marketer will tell you, email marketing is the number one source of income. The way Internet marketing was done up to recent days is not working anymore, or at least not as good as it used to work. Spamming people to death with un-targeted email is no longer working. People are not even reading those emails anymore, and even if they do they are prompt to report you as a spammer. Unless you are an established guru in your own niche, chances are that your autoresponder campaign will generate almost nothing.

The best way to make money today using email marketing is to find  targeted customers, who are already fan of the products you want to promote. And the best place to find those prospects is Facebook.

Facebook is the number one Web 2.0 sites. There are millions of regular daily active users . Facebook owns countless fan pages, groups, and events in every possible niche. All those pages and groups own a great amount of active users that are already hooked on that type of products. FB LeadChef allows you to extract all those users email based on their activities and power on those pages and groups.

It becomes super easy to extract those contact’s emails and to send them invitation to like your new page or to join your group. The software is made in the first place to boost your Facebook ad campaign. But personally, I only use it to send invitation to like  my Facebook pages.

Facebook allows you to send invitation to your pages as long as they are under 5000 likes.

The way to go is: craft a page promoting the product you want to sell, use FB LeadChef  to scrape users already registered and active on fanpages or groups covering your exact niche or type of product, and simply send them an invitation to like you page using the built-in function available in Facebook. The amount of success is near 70%.

If you keep your invitation below 200 emails sent a day, you won’t have to fear any penalty  coming from Facebook. This is the way I’m using it. I started using it last week, and I have already seen many likes and conversion coming my way.

Warning: if you are located in Europe, keep in mind that Facebook do not allow you to send invitation. You need to get US Facebook PVA accounts and use private proxies. One proxy per Facebook account.

Start slow, just send 20 email invitations a day per Facebook account, and build up gradually. You can go up to 200 invitations send per day, and per account without any problem. You can also send email using external email services like: Gmail, livemail, etc. The email will appear in people Facebook account. Be extra careful with the email content you are sending, people always hate to receive spam. Don’t include affiliate links or links to pages that are too commercial if you don’t want your email account to be flagged and reported as spam.

Simply said: only send targeted emails. ie: no sex content to people interested in diet products.

That’s all you need to know to use the software.

There are three license option for you to choose from:

  1. single user license
  2. Dual user license
  3. 10 user license

Personally I’m working alone and the single user license is good enough for my own use. This is a window application but you can run it on a Mac if you are using Parallels.

Advanced Article Spinner Manager Tutorial number 2 – Learn How to Use the Links Pics and Videos Manager

Advanced Article Spinner Manager Tutorial number 2

This tutorial video outlines everything you need to know to master the links pictures and videos manager tab featured in AASM. This is the second step you need to do in AASM right after you spun your article. This is where you are setting the links you want to include in your completely formatted article, as well as pictures and videos .

It is fairly simple to use, but quite powerful. In order to fully use the shortening URL services, you need to get your Google API key. Google is the only service out of the three that requires an API key. It is free and really easy to get as long as you have a Google account.

Check out the video below to see the links pics and videos manager tab running

I urge you to check out the sales page of AASM. This is a fairly new application and it’s starting to be considered as one of the best tool you need to master your Internet marketing campaigns.

Social Investor – Automated Networking with Real People

Social Investor is the latest SEO software on the market

Social Investor was launched on late December 2013. It allows you to automate your social presence on auto-pilot on sites like Empire Avenue and much, much more.

As mentioned on venturebeat.com website:
Empire Avenue is a social network where you can “invest” in your friends by buying their shares in a virtual stock market. And now, if you complete a social media mission, you can earn a new virtual currency that you can use to buy digital goods.

You can read the full article following this link to venture beat.

Empire Avenue allows you to buy and sell stocks without using money. Using social investor allows you to easily raise your portfolio on auto pilot. You can easily set social investor within a few click of a right or left handed mouse, and be able to use it as a pro. You can take control of the software or keep the factory setting. Get real people to the real thing: Tweets likes, follows, links, comments on articles, Google plus, shares, LinkedIn and many more.

Social investor works on Windows or Macintosh. You need to use wine or parallels on Mac in order to run it.

Check this video below to see social investor running.


Some of social investor features:

  • Acquire Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & GPlus Profiles For List Building
  • Promote Your Offers To Hundreds of Savvy Business Owners Every Day!
  • Utilize Industry Leading Social Metrics To Target The Perfect Audience
  • Focus Your Marketing Efforts Where They Have The Most Impact & See The Results In Social Metrics
  • Send Messages Through System, Facebook, Twitter, G Plus & LinkedIn Direct To The Most Influential Social Networkers
  • Use your created wealth to increase your social signals, gain followers, views, comments and more.
  • Auto Pilot Social Networking and complete management of Empire Avenue!

Take a look at the sales page in order to know better.